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“I would definitely recommend Mark’s services to new clients. A professional caring service, you pay good attention to the client's requirements based around their personal health's status. I initially requested a thorough workout and I left feeling wonderfully relaxed, happy that my muscles were given relief from deep tension knots. Thank you Mark – my next appointment is already booked!”  (Maureen, Mt Eden)


"Yes definitely interested in getting a regular massage once a month. No improvement needed. I thought my whole session was awesome. ....  I also will pass along my recommendation of your service to whomever I can, it was the best $90 I have spent on a massage." (re relaxation massage, Jade, Forrest Hill) 


"Mark was very pleasant and made me feel at ease immediately. The room was pleasant and the music was very relaxing. He is a very good teacher, and had a drawing ready for me to look at so I could understand the strokes. I would go back to learn more stokes because I learned so much from him. I would recommend him to anyone who would like to receive and be taught how to massage. “ (re massage tuition, Angel, Manukau)


"Being in late third trimester of pregnancy (i.e. extremely large and uncomfortable) I am so grateful for Mark’s massage. It was a spiritual experience of care and technique that blew my mind.” (re pregnancy massage, Cuepea, Waiheke Island)


"Everything was amazing and I felt very relaxed and on top of the world." (re Hot Stone massage, Anna, Albany)

 “The massage you gave me was fantastic, my muscles felt like they could ‘wake up’.” (re sports massage, Monique, Hillcrest, physiotherapy student)

"Your massage is the absolute best! When I said to have a balance between deep tissue and relaxation, you aced it :-)."  and "Mark has the touch of a healer. He can drain the tension out of muscles and make you feel like a new person!!" (re relaxation massage, Sylvia, Three Kings, massage therapist)

"After having a Hot Stone massage, the next morning I was feeling fantastic, very energetic, not tired. I felt that the Hot Stone massage was very relaxing." (re hot stone massage, Adriana, Albany, reflexologist)

"You have magical, musician hands, good energy and personality. It was very nice and connected; your hands were so soft and smooth, with good speed and pressure, relaxing, and I enjoyed the different strokes." (
re relaxation massage, Elena, Te Atatu, massage therapist)

"That's the best massage I have ever had. It was divine. I didn't want it to end. The pressure was just right….Your service has always been great; your massages are fantastic and your hours are very accommodating; I have no recommendations for improvement."  (
re relaxation massage, Sherie, Milford)

"…the most thorough massage I have ever had." (
re relaxation massage, Stephanie, Murrays Bay)

"That was the nicest massage I've ever had." (
re relaxation massage, Maree, Murrays Bay)

"Your massage was lovely. You have a real talent and a gift.... your technique is even and methodical and just right." (
re relaxation massage, Tracy, Greenlane, ex-massage therapist)

"I felt it was the ultimate peace and conform, relaxing, reviving, professional massage." (
re relaxation massage, Smith, Devonport)

"Mark truly has the gift of massage .... The experience was soothing and relaxing." (
re relaxation massage, Tian’e, Devonport)

"Mark gives me advice about reaching my goals, and there are many choices (essential oils, strokes, method of application, linen colours, etc).  I have a very pleasant time here, and also after coming back home, the beneficial effects continue for some time." (re pregnancy massage, Chie, Forrest Hill/Japan, massage therapist)

"I felt like I had gone to heaven.  Absolutely divine."  (re hot stone massage, Rebecca, Taupo)
















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